This review is from: Air Storm Z-Curve Bow (Toy)
“Easily managed by my 6 year old son, and enjoyed just as much by his 47 year old Dad!! And all the neighbours kids. And their Dads :-) We have used this inside with no problems, the bolts pack a bit of a punch but are soft enough so far to not have broken anything in the house or caused any bruising on little bodies, and the sucker one will stick to ceilings and all manner of other surfaces, but thankfully drops off after a wee while. Also used outside to good effect. Unlike the Nerf guns, these bolts are a decent size so easy to find when fired into thickets, so we have been able to have lots of fun with it. We’ve only had it a few days, but its been used incessantly inside and out, it seems to be permanently attached to my laddie.Both the bow and the bolts seem quite robust. Fortunately its very light to carry about. Up till now it seems to be wearing well, and I’d already say we’ve had our moneys worth in entertainment. Providing its still ok in a month or so, I’d definately consider getting another, its the best £20 we’ve spent in a while.” By C. Mcmillan

This review is from: Air Storm Z-Curve Bow (Toy)
“The whole family especially his dad had lots of fun with this and the birthday boy had to wait his turn.” By Patricia Lewis

This review is from: Air Storm Z-Curve Bow (Toy)
“I bought this for my 6 year old ‘Brave’ fan after ready the good reviews at Amazon. She loves it. It is great and can fire the arrows long distances once you get used to it. It says on the box that it received an ‘Outdoor Toy of the Year’ award for 2012 and I can see why. Lots of fun to be had and it very satisfying to hear the screeching arrows fly across the garden.” By sunflowers1853

This review is from: Air Storm Z-Curve Bow (Toy)
“Bought this for my son’s birthday recently and he couldn’t love it any more. Instead watching tv or harassing me about playing computer games after school, he’s rushing to get his homework done, so he can get on with the business of shooting arrow’s around the house and garden. good buy!” By SericaB

This review is from: Air Storm Z-Curve Bow (Toy)
“This is so much fun, think their dad enjoyed it more than they did over the Easter holidays playing with them.” By Jeanne Keeling

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